This pre-release version of the add-on is currently only available to Site Reviews Premium members.

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This add-on allows you to design your reviews in a drag-and-drop builder and display them as a list, in a grid, or with a carousel.

This is a pre-release beta version of the Review Themes add-on and is only available to Site Reviews Premium members! Please make sure to read the “known issues” section below.


  • Custom excerpt length by word or character length
  • Customise the avatar size and radius
  • Customise the background, border, radius, padding, and shadow
  • Customise the font size and line-height
  • Customise the rating image, size, and individual colours for each rating level
  • Display reviews as a list, grid, or carousel
  • Drag-and drop review builder based on CSS Flexbox
  • Enhances the Review Forms add-on (i.e. you can use a custom Review Theme instead of the form’s Review Template)
  • Enhances the rating field images in the Site Reviews Form
  • Enhances the rating images and bars in the Site Reviews Summary
  • Includes 14 rating image options
  • Light, Dark, and Transparent presets


Here is a demo of the Review Themes add-on in use.

Known Issues (v1.0.0-beta46)

  1. Hidden fields only work when reviews are displayed in a modal
  2. The builder sometimes reverts custom rating images to the default star image
  3. The layout of custom fields with labels is problematic
  4. There are some flex-wrap issues
  5. Custom field labels are duplicated in the builder
  6. Dragging a field tag into the builder will sometimes duplicate the tag (workaround is to click tags to add them to the builder)


Display your reviews in a responsive carousel.
Display your reviews in a responsive grid.
See a live preview of your reviews as you change the theme settings.
Design your review layout with the drag-and-drop builder.