This pre-release version of the add-on is currently only available to Site Reviews Premium members.

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This is a pre-release beta version of the Review Authors add-on and is only available to Site Reviews Premium members! Please make sure to read the “known issues” section below.

Known Issues (v1.0.0-beta8)

  1. Does not yet provide a way to display a list of all reviews submitted by the current user where they can manage their reviews; however, the assigned_users option can still be used for this.
  2. Does not yet allow you to set a time limit for editable reviews.
  3. Does not yet allow you to delete reviews from the front end.
  4. If the review was created with the default review form, all form fields are shown (even if fields were hidden in the form when the review was submitted).
  5. Removing an image from a review does not immediately remove it from the Review Images gallery if a gallery is displayed on the page.


Reviews display an “Edit” link if you are the author of the review or if your user role has the permission to edit the review.
The review form is displayed in a modal; reviews are updated on the page immediately after being updated.
Set which user roles are allowed to edit their reviews on the front-end in the settings.